Moving to another distro

Dearest Ubuntu MATE users,

In the upcoming days I will be moving to another distro and stop using Ubuntu MATE. But don’t worry I will stay around the forums, because no matter what I will be using MATE as my DE. For which reason, there’s plenty I can still contribute to this community that I’ve come to appreciate so much.

It’s only my love for the Ubuntu base that has eroded. MATE remains most cherished. The poor state of the Ubuntu repositories, with many missing applications and an appalling mediocre upgrade strategy, has been a constant source of anguish for me. My list of PPAs (many of which for software that is present on the official repos) just tends to grow. And the PPA ecosystem is itself poorly organized.

I’m returning to Arch but this time will be taking the easy route and use Antergos with the MATE DE. Antergos has come a long while since I first started using Arch and is today… not in a depreciative way… an excellent installer for the Arch base that facilitates the whole deal with Arch installations. With a rolling release model I will be able to keep my most important software up-to-date and benefit from the fantastic AUR that is, I’m afraid to say, light-years ahead of the PPA model, both in its organization and its spread across the linux software ecosystem.

And, even better, I get to use bleeding edge MATE! :muscle:

We’ll keep seeing each other around these forums. :kissing_heart:

Mario Figueiredo

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Something similar happened to me. I moved to Fedora 25 MATE with which I’m more comfortable for several reasons, but I still browse this forum since it’s the one most active and focused on MATE I’ve found.
GL with Antergos, it’s been a while since I last used Arch or something based on it but it has some great strengths like pacman and the aur. I also used Manjaro for a while, it’s a nice option for something a bit slower and easier too.

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Have a good time with Arch. I came from Arch to Ubuntu because I wanted to minimise system maintenance time and that worked for me. All applications I use provide either PPAs or DEB files that I can easily install to have the latest software I need.

Lastly, I feel I want to remain part of the new direction Ubuntu is taking in the upcoming years and contribute to the distro that has the most potential in my view to go mainstream.

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Good luck with Antergos Mario. Hope it serves you well. :slight_smile:

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Good luck, it will be interesting to hear more about the future of Ubuntu Mate, given Canonical’s refocus on Server. I have a feeling it may go along the lines of Suse and Redhat…

Adeus Mario…:four_leaf_clover:

SUSE and openSuSE both support Desktops and Laptops.

SuSE more for people focusing on running their business, than what they use.
OpenSuSE helps as a sort of testing ground in development of the very stable SuSE.

[Am here learning how can use Ubuntu some more. ]

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