MP3 preview not working

Hello eveyone,
In Ubuntu mate 16.04, when I place my mouse cursor on a music file, it will start playing.
But in Ubuntu Mate 18.04, this mp3-mouse-hover-preview thing is not working.
Need your help…
Thank you!

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I just tried it in 18.04 and it does not play sound previews for me either. :frowning:

Install gstreamer1.0-tools:

sudo apt-get install gstreamer1.0-tools


That did the trick - looks like there is a missing package dependency in Caja or further down.

Yes, some packages related to gstreamer seem to be uninstalled by default, for some reason. The gstreamer1.0-tools package is one of them.


Thank you very much!
It’s working now…

Sorry for posting a year later, but has this been fixed in later versions of Ubuntu MATE? I just ran into this issue today with a customer's computer. Perhaps we should notify Martin Wimpress?

Sorry for replying another year later.

I recently installed Ubuntu MATE 20.04, and this issue was fixed through installing the tools mentioned above. So, I guess, it is not fixed by default?

I believe that gstreamer may not come (fully or partially) installed on 20.04 because of another issue.

As posted on the Release Notes, gstreamer (more specifically the gstreamer-vaapi package) was causing Xorg to crash and bring the user back to the login prompt when running certain applications, apparently and mostly on virtual machines.

This may explain the reason why gstreamer1.0-tools doesn't come pre-installed anymore.

But this is just my guess.