Mutiny-18.04 Suggestions


Hi, I have been an avid user of Unity on Ubuntu. It really fits with the way I like to use a computer i.e.

  • Clear GUI screen
  • Excellent alternatives to mouse input

I really like Ubuntu-Mate Mutiny because it picks up the baton from Canonical who have passed desktop development over to the community.

After my excitement at starting to use Mutiny (18.04) I found some questions and I wonder if anyone has answers. Specifically I could not find the following Unity features in Mutiny:


  1. Super (Hold) Opens the Launcher, displays shortcuts.
  2. Super+Tab Switches applications via the Launcher
  3. Super + Shift + 1 to 9 Opens a new window in the App

Alt+’ Switches Windows of current applications
I normally have lots of windows open and this specifically helps me navigate within windows of the SAME application. This is really vital otherwise I just get lost when I ‘Alt-tab’.

Is the a Workspaces Icon that can be displayed on the launcher?

I was wondering if there are any plans to add these features, especially Alt+’ ?