My desktop today

Very nice setup!

Especially this conky setting, well integrated in the wallpaper.

One question: what is the program behind the applet with a paperclip icon ?


Time for a little bit of sacrilege. While my time on Ubuntu MATE had been nice and all, figured I would give Pop!_OS a look after a distribution reviewer by the name of oswyguy showed off some WIndows-like extensions for GNOME-shell. praised how clean and minimalist it was, and I wanted to see what the fuss was about.

AddictiveTips showcased from GNOME Shell plugins and it wasn't until 19.04 I actually got to flex that knowledge a little bit. I also learned the GNOME extensions website is :wastebasket:.

It's worthwhile to know that System76 is keeping the system relatively current and in lock-step, near-about with Ubuntu and Ubuntu derivatives. Anyway, back to the point, this is GNOME-shell on Pop!_OS 19.04 with Dash to Panel and Arc Menu. Vivaldi is in the background as despite proclaiming to be more modern the system still comes with Firefox under System76's belief it is the the only popular privacy-orientated browser under the sun.

My desktop these days. Pretty grey... :wink: I use Greybird GTK theme and Radiant-mate icons. Font is Roboto.

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Since theming for MATE is pretty tough rn, went with a simple theme; Adwaita Dark from and Menta title bar. (If I can find a left variant of that, it'd be p nice.)

Wallpaper and icon theme from Pop!_OS, a recent system I had tried to use long-term, terminal is terminator (which FYI modded MATE menu to execute via x-terminal-emulator) and the rest is just my panel config. Not really themed up with custom icons (working on that), nor had I riced the term out with anything special. Basics.

About that panel setup;
Yeah, separators on the top are pretty messy. If MATE could have configurable spacers in the future that would be kinda sweet. Also pretty swell could be drawer offset, so when a drawer is opened it's independent of the drawer icon. Other than that it's a fairly nice setup with a handful of applications in the same panel where I keep my libraries for quick launching and overall it's a good conceptualization of how a panel environment can be utilized in the hands of someone who knows what they're doing, somewhat.

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Yep, I'm in the middle of transforming MATE into GNOME :joy:



An addendum to my present desktop layout;

I've hidden the desktop indicators because i don't need to see those all the time, and added some other programs in my quick launch panel. A cleaner look when the autohide panels aren't showing IMO, makes it easier to switch between things when the window list isn't so cramped.

Before anyone wwonders the Github Desktop thing was from Shiftkey's repo, you can find a Debian installation binary for it.

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My desktop.


You should use a monospace font if you're going with an ANSI tree look.

monospace font is ok.

Here is my current setup :smiley:

It's Ambiant-MATE-dark with some tweaks. BTW, if I would like to make apps background completely black (not grey, like now) and green color to be more solid, which settings in Ambiant-MATE-dark should I edit? And how?

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What do You guys think?
theme: MCO-Green-III ( )
icons: Papirus-Dark ( )
conky: modified "Gold&Gray" ( )
terminal: MATE terminal

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Munity Modified...


Looks great, but how do You know that You're connected to a WiFi or a BT device? I can't see any indicators in the pic.

Still running 16.04 LTS because 18.04 lacks a color chooser.

Changed my wallpaper:

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Gleisson_Joaquim - That's one helluva awesome wallpaper!

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I use Cairo dock. Launchers are on the left panel and taskbar is on the right panel. Upper menu panel auto-hides.