My Experience Dabbling With Flatpaks Might Be Wrong

Tried out Flatpak Inkscape 1.2 as website only had Appimage which for some reason for a long time has no printers showing in Print Dialog. There was some obsure workaround can't locate at moment. Did not find PPA either. (Today found new PPA that had 1.2 and am using that. Removed Flatpak Inkscape 1.2 and Flatpak Hub. No issue there seems simple to install and remove via CLI.

Am on Data Cap plan and up popped a notification that Inkscape was updated. One reason I don't use Snaps. I want to control access to web. Removed along with hub, reinstalled along with Snapseal and turned off Internet for Inkscape. Today was reading forum and notification popped up saying Inkscape was updated without my permission. Removed all and using PPA.
No poor reflection on the excellent work of the Flatpak developers.

I understood (maybe wrongly) they were complete. Find that they are partial packages that search for runtimes installed by Hub and shared just like debs and dpkg. Did not find way to turn off, Linux Mint showed it has switch for off, no not switching plus think they are still focal based.

They do work well otherwise.
Just my opinion for my workflow
Sorry for the long post

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Hello mendy

I do not use the Inkscape Flatpak, but I do use a lot of Flatpak software. None of my Flatpacks update on their own, I have to update them manually - which is exactly what I want. :slightly_smiling_face:

My experience with Flatpacks has been positive, however, I am selective about which software I install as Flatpak. :thinking:

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As mentioned, Flatpaks will not update on their own but the will be automatically updated IF you had installed gnome-software and the gnome-software-plugin-flatpak. It's the plugin that does the automatic checking and updating.


Thank you @Spyder, clarified the reason. I did not install gnome software or the plugin but Synaptic shows it installed. Uninstalled Flatpak which also removed the plugin with Synaptic. Good to go as had Flatseal set to block Inkscape internet access and it still updated. JMO do not accept something accessing internet in background. Guess that's why Linux Mint has a way to disable. Just got lucky as was at computer both times when notification popped up saying Inkscape was updated. Had installed Flatpak in 20.04 to trial. Now removed. Thanks again.