My feedback: it is all great and only lacks better notification support (history applet)


Hi guys,

I have been using Mate for almost one year, and it is near perfect.

Finally, a Linux DE without crashes, memory leaks and other annoying bugs. I am exploding my uptimes and can focus on my work, quietly.

The only thing I really miss compared to other DE, is a notification history, like in Gnome or, better, Cinnamon.
I feel it is important, because I may otherwise miss important stuff.

I know there is an applet named "recent notification", but it is ugly (without customization) and actually quite buggy.

Are the developers considering it? Can the cinnamon applet be ported without too much hassle?


@phocean - would you mind posting a link to the "recent notifications" applet?

Notification history is something we have discussed several times and all of us (in the MATE upstream project) want. Unfortunately, we're still just at the phase where we're cleaning up old bugs and bugs caused by features added in the last few years, so our bandwidth to add new features is very limited.

Good news is we are slowly growing the team, so we're starting to see more development pick up. Hopefully we can get to the notifications. Porting from Cinnamon might be a good idea, assuming it's easy enough :wink:


@vkareh Good news, thanks!

I get the applet from this PPA:

And, my mistake, the latest package version to install has actually been renamed indicator-notifications.