My keyboard layout indicator is gone

My keyboard layout indicator applet is gone and I cannot get it back. I tried removing the keyboard layout I had and adding it back, this did not fix it. It disappeared when i clicked on reset panel because I was having a problem with something.

Right click the panel, Click Add to panel, then search for the applet you would like to add.

That is not possible for the keyboard layout applet. It is supposed to just be automatically added to notification area when you put in a new keyboard layout. It does not appear in the list of applets.

Strange. I don't think I can be of much assistance

Are you sure notification area applet is actually added, not just indicator applet complete?
Should be just after a reset, but just checking...
And are you using iBus? If yes; make sure systray is enabled in iBus preferences and the ibus daemon is running.

Yes it is the default notification area on the top bar that cannot be removed. However, I do not know what iBus is and it does not appear when I search it up in my menu.