My laptop just started ringing

my laptop is on but with the lid shut. out of nowhere it starts making a ringing sound, sort of like the price is right wheel spinning. when I open it it stops ringing only when i press a key. any key. it starts again now whenever i close the lid after a second or 2. there are no alarms set or windows popping up or programs running that i can see that would cause this.

this is a pretty recent install (a week old) no new updates, and with ubuntu studio installed.

Solved, sticking key :joy:

Hi there :slight_smile:
Is it a internal clock ring with motherboard embedded warning speaker - beep beep or a sound coming from your audio card speakers - when you are listening to the music ?
Did you saw something in the logs ?

Run this command and check if its this sound :

mplayer /usr/share/sounds/freedesktop/stereo/suspend-error.oga

if you need to install mplayer before :

sudo apt install mplayer

Maybe your computer cannot get to suspended mode and is trying to inform you of that.

Thank you so much for the quick response, I actually just found the problem I believe. I have also been having a problem with my laptop sometime scrolling automatically at random and I realized that the home key was malfunctioning. I took it off and reseated it and this has solved both issues... (for now anyway :crossed_fingers:)

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