My wishlist for Caja

Some small improvements I’d like to see in future versions of Caja:

  1. being able to move through the entire set of files with the left/right cursor keys when in icon view mode (right now, navigation stops at the borders of the current row instead of continuing on the previous/next row)

  2. configurable toolbar (with the possibility to add a “new folder” button)

  3. expose more config options in the preferences dialog instead of having to dig through dconf (such as: advanced permissions, thumbnail size, etc.)


I’ve another suggestion: It would be really useful to add a preview file like Gnome-Sushi or Gloobus-Preview.

Regards!! :grinning:

+1 to #2 and #3!

Get your voice heard by asking the developers upstream. :wink:

My wish to have a dark sidebar, but I think that’s possible somehow in the themes.

Like this...

I’d like to see more robust right click options such as copy or move to:
1 - a mapped drive
2 - a mounted flash drive
3 - folder selection [pictures, documents, videos]


I’d like to be able to select multiple files in list view to same way you can in icon view.

@jrioux With a mouse, +1. With a keyboard, there’s holding CTRL for individual files or holding SHIFT to select everything in between. :slight_smile: