Mythbuntu End of Life

How sad

Never used it, but I share your pain at seeing a good distro eat the dust.
I’m still reeling from the loss of Edubuntu myself. :/

Sad to see it go, it will be MYTHed.


:grinning: Good one :grinning:

I used it a couple of times but sadly, it was always a bit hard to get certain hardware working with it (I’m referring to USB TV sticks). Other than that, a good OS so thanks for all the hard work people!. :smiley:

I see what you did there.

Just as long as you don't know what I did last summer! :wink:

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la, la, la… hmm, hmm, hmm… looking around…

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At least we have a few more months until it becomes an OS Legend (until Xenial isn’t supported anymore) :cry: