Need Help Installing BlueJ for Mate

Hello Everyone,

I am looking to install BlueJ ( RPi Verison) for mate. I know it comes with Raspian Jessie, but not Mate. I went to, and they said to use apt-get;however, when i try i get the “can not find package error”.

I was wondering if someone could help me install BlueJ for RPi Mate…Thanks


get the bluej deb package from here:

Install with a right click with Gdebi!. :smiley:

Thanks. I thought about doing that, but i thought there was a difference between BlueJ and BlueJ for Pi. I tried getting Netbeans running, but it was extremely laggy…I thought BlueJ would yeild the same result unless i found the Pi version. I will test this out now


afaik, the .deb package will work on all Ubuntu/Debian systems including RPI!, there is a bug fix on one of the previous versions (“Fixed (version 3.1.4a on debian/raspbian only): Finding java JDK in latest Raspbian.”) so just make sure you download the latest one for Ubuntu! (Ver 3.1.6). :smiley: