Need help on local Wordpress

this is quite off topic because I should have taken this problem to a Wordpress forum. In fact, I did. But until now I sadly had one reply and it takes a loooong time before somebody did but haven’t solved the problem yet and I still had question which is still unansewred to this day. So I got back to this forum because I am using ubuntu mate and people here are very responsive and very helpful on my problems on ubuntu mate a while back.

Need help on my Wordpress. I installed successfully LAMP and Wordpress so I could practice Wordpress on my laptop. After installing I didn’t quite had the time to tinker with Wordpress until a few weeks later. By the time I wanted to open or load Wordpress I couldn’t because my http://ipaddress was changed because i used DCHP instead of a static ip address so I couldn’t load it. Can you help me how to change my ip address in the configuration i think in phpadmin-- I really don’t know how to update my ipaddress so i can open http://ipaddress/wordpress

thanks very much in advance

ok I solved this. I just went to the Network manager and changed status from DCHP to a Static (Manual) in iPv4 and changed my ip address that match the ip address when I configured Wordpress and LAMP during installation.