Need Help Setting up Deluge/Transmission downloads

Hello MATEies!!
i am on a Raspberry Pi Model 2 and would like to do the following -

  1. start Deluge/Transmission at start up with root privileges(they only work with root privileges)
  2. auto-start downloads in Deluge/Transmission
  3. set deluge/transmission as the default program to handle magnet links in Firefox
  4. access the remainder of the micro SD card after ubuntuMATE install
  5. commands to remove unwanted apps/programs completely

As i am very new to Linux please give me the commands so that i could research them and use.
Thanks a lot in advance.

1-3) I seem to remember that there is a daemon version with Transmission that allows you to start it at boot as a kind of server. It should be installed by default. You can start it with sudo service transmission-daemon start and I think it should stay after a reboot (same command with “stop” instead of “start” to stop it). You can configure it through a config file, though I’m not sure where it is exactly. Sorry for the lack of details, it’s been years since I’ve done this. You can do a search on Google for “transmission daemon”, you’ll probably find a lot of informations.
It can be managed through a web interface and maybe through the usual client (not sure if it’s the case on the same machine).

  1. You mean extending the system partition to fill the SD card? It’s done through raspi-config though I don’t know if it’s included with Ubuntu Mate (I only used Raspbian on a Pi). Try sudo raspi-config in the terminal and if it’s there, you’ll find an option to extend the partition at next boot. If not, try to install it, I guess it’s in the repos of the Pi version : sudo apt-get install raspi-config

  2. sudo apt-get remove --purge [package-name]
    You can also do it through Synaptic (not installed by default).

Hi thanks for the quick reply. I installed Gparted and was able to recover the remaining of the SD card. I also wanted to extend the OS partition but since it was mounted i could not do it. I will research the Transmission daemon and see what i can do. Thanks. Also i discovered ubuntuMATE does not have the raspi-config

s13rw81@MyRaspberryPi:~$ sudo service tansmission-daemon start
[sudo] password for s13rw81:
Failed to start tansmission-daemon.service: Unit tansmission-daemon.service failed to load: No such file or directory.
s13rw81@MyRaspberryPi:~$ sudo service deluge-daemon start
Failed to start deluge-daemon.service: Unit deluge-daemon.service failed to load: No such file or directory.
s13rw81@MyRaspberryPi:~$ sudo apt-get install deluge-daemon
Reading package lists… Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information… Done
E: Unable to locate package deluge-daemon