Need help to fix Theme error (wrong display error) on user account


When modifying a theme which
I use, a display error crept in and I don't know how to fix it.
can undo this.

Display error (wrong) non-root (user):

Check mark (background is blue) That is wrong.
See picture:

Correctly displayed in root (root):

Check mark (background is blue) That is wrong.

too big: (Enter field)

Can someone help please?
Which file must I edit and which values?

If you still have the original theme, or you can point us to the original, you can use the diff command to see what the differences are between your version and the original:

diff -uprN /path/to/original/theme/directory /path/to/your/theme/directory

Oh yeah. If the theme appears fine on root but not your normal user, that probably means you've been tweaking with a local copy in your ~/.themes directory, so you can use something like this:

diff -uprN /usr/share/themes/Ambiant-MATE ~/.themes/Ambiant-MATE

Of course, if your theme is not called Ambiant-MATE then change the name in the command!

@ gordon, thank you for your effort to help me.

It did not help.

Something is messed up when optimizing my theme.

I have restored my backup of my system which I made 3 days ago and now everything is ok again.

Well, my advice this time is: Keep track of your theme changes regularly. Frequent backups or version control of anything under development are fundamental.

I wish you success in the long run.

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