Need some advice on Ubuntu 14.04

I have just updated recently from UM 14.04 to UM 16.04. I also use Blender quite a bit. I hadn’t realised it, but Blender appears to employ the open-GL/hardware acceleration aspect of my AMD GPU somehow. I am guessing this is the case due to the open source drivers (being the only one’s available for use on UM 16.04) not seeming to run Blender on UM 16.04 half as well as on UM 14.04. Certain procedures are running very laggy on Blender in UM 16.04.

Consequently, I am considering going back to 14.04 until I either get a new GPU that is supported in Um 16.04 or AMD releases a propriety driver that will run in 16.04. The above being the case, in terms of keeping the system properly updated, my question is this:

Due to UM 14.04 being an unofficial edition and also with it now fading into history, is it better to install Ubuntu 14.04 main standard edition and then install Ubuntu Mate desktop over the top. Or will I still be better off installing the UM 14.04 edition?

I’d definitely stick with the actual Ubuntu MATE 14.04 media. :cd: It was released a bit latter then April 2014 (I think by a few months, I vaguely remember they wasn’t going to call it 14.06, 14.07 or whichever month it was).

I don’t think the actual 14.04 Trusty archives have any ubuntu-mate-* packages since it didn’t exist as a flavour back then… I haven’t checked. There will be mate-desktop if you wanted a generic MATE desktop?

Ubuntu MATE 14.04 did use PPAs since it was unofficial, so you could get your hands dirty with the mini ISO + the Ubuntu MATE Dev Trusty PPA… but I think it’s more hassle than it’s worth.

For AMD… I think it’s around summer when their new driver comes out. Or the alternate is to use an NVIDIA GPU, which the GTX series hasn’t let me down. :slight_smile:

there’s no announcement from their side as such, should I prefer UM 14.04 over UM 16.04 as I am using an old computer and I’d prefer to have graphics working optimally?

Update on this:

The open source driver for the AMD GPU was, until recently, pretty crappy.


Since AMD pulled the plug on support, the open source driver must have had some serious work done on it. It is now running great. Consequently, I have updated to UM 16.04 and would recommend it to anyone using the same AMD GPU as me. I am using the AMD R7200

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I’m using the AMD A8 7600 R7 APU and in 16.04 the open source driver is rubbish, it resizes the screen to what looks like 800/600 and gives no option to change to anything else, Steam wouldn’t install.
Went back to 14.04 and everything works fine (leaving the Kernel as is); I have even tried the AMD Beta version of the driver and that doesn’t install properly in 14.04. In 16.04 it does but doesn’t work - that might be the down to the APU with R7 built in.

@prakharp If you don’t have any specific problem then use UM 16.04. I have a radeon HD 7750 and fglrx always caused me problems before so I always use the opensource driver (radeon). Especially for old GPUs, the opensource driver is more stable (even if it gives lower fps at gaming). Hopefully by kernel 4.10 (and ubuntu 17.04) my card (and the rest southern islands cards) will support the new opensource driver (amdgpu) by default which is far better.

@stoswald For steam problems see this: Also please give it a shot with Ubuntu MATE 16.10 with live session (without installiing), which will be released in october 13 (currently is in beta state) and see if the resolution problems have gone away.

Opensource drivers will keep getting better and better in the future. So, I think that, if you don’t have serious problems, it is better to go with the newer versions of Ubuntu than staying with Ubuntu 14.04 and the crappy fglrx driver.

Cheers for the info Thanos.

I’m avoiding the short term releases as that is how I ended up back on 14.04 from 15.10. Having tried the update from both 15.10 & 14.04 and I end up with either graphics issues as described previously or steam not working - depending on whether I run the update or do a fresh install.

I see Steve Cook has managed to get his AMD R7 200 working, not sure if he has the A7600 R7 APU like me or is running a separate GPU? Which may mean me waiting for the Beta AMD driver being released.

As someone who tries to keep costs to a minimum; I can either stay as I am now (Can anyone tell me how to get Software Updater to stop telling me about the Kernel upgrade) at the moment, otherwise it is cheaper to buy W10 and run all the original Windows games on steam knowing full well the A7600 R7 is performs better in windows, or spending even more on the GTX750ti and PSU then once Nvidia drivers are sorted, always having a fear that Nvidia will go the same way as AMD and not update drivers. I’ve already asked about running a GTX750ti on a 250 watt PSU and it is risky to say the least - still waiting on my PC Manufacturer (Zoostorm) to let me know one way or the other on this. Or is there a Nvidia GPU that will give similar if not better performance and run on a 250 watt PSU?

I am using a seperate R7200 GPU