Network key red

Hey guys,

here is a matter I have been pondering about for quite a while now:

Running any kind of Ubuntu on my system, the network key (f12 on HP) has a little light next to it. The light is always red (although the network is actually working.) Running Windows, red light means that networking is turned off and turning it on it turns green.

Is this feature simply not supported or has anyone any idea on how to enable color changes?

Thanks in advance,

I suspect this is not possible. I got second-hand, for not much, a HP Elitebook 2540p which runs Ubuntu MATE superbly in general. However, it has some unusual if not eccentric hardware:

  • 1.8" 160GB Intel SSD
  • Fingerprint reader (from a company which no longer exists)
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Firewire port
  • Touch-sensitive extra keys with coloured lights
  • A white LED light which illuminates the keyboard and clicks out from the top of the screen

Both Ubuntu MATE 15.04 and Windows 10 don’t recognise the fingerprint reader and ambient light sensor; one of the extra keys is a wifi switch (it is red when wifi is off and blue when it is on) and, on Ubuntu MATE, it flashes seemingly randomly between both, whereas on Windows 10 it is stable.

(That said, the wifi indicator at the top right of the Ubuntu MATE window is reliable).

Thank you for your reply. I guess the light will be able to continue having its own will :wink:


try running this terminal command, it might help:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -f

Hope it helps!. :smiley: