Network manager wifi symbol

Hi folks!

My first post in here so please bare with me :slight_smile:

Does anyone know of a more permanent fix or workarround for the bug in the network manager that shows two arrows instead of the normal wifi symbol? This happens after suspending the computer and yes I am only connected to Wifi. Also I still have connection when the arrows appear.

I have tried to research a bit myself and all I have found so far is that one can restart the service with this command: “sudo service network-manager restart”

This only fixes the problem temporarily, and will reappear after next suspend

Thanks guys :smile:

Network Manager lately has been buggy, especially after suspend. :confused: This bug has been reported on Launchpad — you can say that it affects you there.

Yeah I saw that one already, thanks

But apparently no fix yet.

Maybe in 17.04 they will have adressed this issue ?

I tried the fix from comment 17, and so far it’s much better for me.

I already have this box checked … or is it supposed to be disabled ?

A little strange sentence in that link … hehe

I agree, that sentence is not very clear! FWIW, on my system, it was not checked when I first looked. And I may have spoke to soon, because it’s definitely still not working 100% as it should. It may just have been a coincidence that it seemed better at first. :frowning:

I really hope they adress this issue with the next version.
I really like Ubuntu Mate and it is one of the few distros that I have had no issues with on my new laptop (besides this issue obviously). But then again it seemes a lot of people are facing this issue