First of All I`am a “Mouse & Graphical User” and I RELAY need help on this issue. :confused:

For the latest months I have had problems with my Network. It has worked perfectly since my installation of Mate 16.04 in July and I think it stated to malfunction after an update that made “Avahi Zeroconf Browser” to the Network Manager. Another thing is that I am using an OpenVPN from PIA and that my browser is FireFox.


When it comes to the “System Tools” that needs an Internet connection they are all refused. This is from “Software Update” to “Synaptic Package Manager” and every thing in-between. They all come with a “No Internet Connection” error message. But I still have a connection with my FireFox, pretty Sluggish and slow at times but every thing is working fine and this is with ore without the PIAs OpenVPN.

I am installing a new router soon and maybe a upgrade to v.16.10 is the answer…

I just installed the new router and are hoping for bether connections…


Hi @SpacePunk,

have you checked your firewall and have you made any setting changes to it? (Control Centre > Internet and Network):

Have you tried changing your software sources download location and updating again?:

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THANK`s A LOT wolfman !
Plenty of things to do her and there all GOOD and I will get to it.
For Now…
My connection to the net is up and going again and this is mainly because I installed the new router.
I have got hold of a pre-installed on with PIA and now I am more in control since there is no control-panel in Ubuntu for the OpenVPN… Ore maybe there is ???

I am a VERY paranoid net user to explain my OpenVPN and I all so lack the knowledge on proper net control.
I did installed “Network Tools” and it feels much easier than “WireShack”.
Witch by the way, told me that I could not use WireShack with the connection I had to day.

I will work on this and my first issue is the FIREWALL…

  • Your absolutely SPOT ON mentioning this.
    Iw totally forgotten about it and will have it up and going during this week. And Then.... Its back to the rest. :confused: and there is NO WAY BACK her.
    Your “List of Topics” will be a strength to both me and my machine.
    I HOPE YOU`LL HAVE A GREAT December with the BEST ending in newyears. :fireworks::balloon::grinning::cocktail::fireworks:
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Glad to hear it @SpacePunk. Have a great December too!. :smiley: