Network/wifi and fan shut down randomly

Hi there!

Since a couple of months from now I've been facing an issue regarding the network manager. It suddenly shuts down at random times and I cannot make it work again unless I restart the machine.

Same goes on with the fan. It works perfectly most of the time. But every now and then it shuts down entirely and won't start again unless I restart the device.

I don't know why this happening. I've tried updating to UM 20.04 (it was in 18.04 before) but the issue remains.

For what I've seen it's random, and pretty annoying since I have to stop whatever I'm doing and restart for it to work again.

For what I've tested it doesn't happen in Windows for example. I eventually play games in Windows (I have the machine in dual boot). And when I play the fan and network work just fine the whole time. Even though I'm doing more heave load work at that times.

It seems to me it's an issue with the Mate installation. Maybe the drivers have issues? IDK.

I have a stock Lenovo Thinkpad T440

Has anyone faced the same issue? Can you recommend me anything?