New icon theme?

While it seemed that the work on a new icon theme for Ubuntu was not fully decided, it looks like it’s being worked on for 18.10. Are there plans for Ubuntu MATE to switch to a green variant of Suru or keep the current theme (variant of Humanity / Ubuntu Mono)?

as far as I have gather plans are to keep the themeing the same at least for a while

Ok. As GNOME 3 has rendered some parts of the current Ubuntu theme useless (e.g. the indicator icons), I’ve been wondering if Canonical would completely drop Humanity and Ubuntu Mono as time goes and so if it would be advisable for Ubuntu MATE to follow the changes with the icon sets (and, to a lesser extent, Gtk themes).

A new default icon theme would be nice; Humanity and Ubuntu Mono has been here for quite some time…

I don’t necessarily think the theme should be totally changed out, but I do think the icon theme could definitely use some love. IMO it’s biggest issues currently are:

  1. Lack of icon ‘variety’. For example, in the brisk menu ‘all’ and ‘favorites’ are the exact same icon and ‘preferences’, ‘universal access’ and ‘control center’ are also the exact same icon.

  2. The wildly inconsistent icon sizes in some areas. Most notably, the mate control center. Some icons are tiny and others pretty large (e.g. look at ‘Software Updater’ vs ‘Printers’), very inconsistent.