New linux user - space issue on RasPi

i’m a new french linux user. In fact, i’m a dad always had used windows and a bit lost in linux. And i wanted not to do the same mistakes for my daughters. One i’ve just installed edubuntu on an old laptop and here, i’ve just installed Mate on a raspi2 for the other daughter.
so i installed mate correctly on a 16Go microsd (i thank the community to have devvelopped such an easy way). I know that the install would have shorted the sd space. my daughters don’t already speak english. and if i did correctly install the system in french, it’s not true for the common softwares (firefox, thunderbird) wich are in english. So i looked for somewhere to translate and found in the “control center”, the “software updater”. And here’s the issue. i can’t download any update because the system tells me that it’s full and i just have 46mo free !!! Even when a plugged a usb flash drive.
well, you know almost everything except that i need a noobs answer, cause i really am :stuck_out_tongue: if you could tell me where can i find a apps bibliotheca in visual form (my daughter want gimp :slight_smile: ), that would be great too.
last thing, don’t take it wrong but i found edubuntu more user friendly, in particulary for adding some apps.
thanks for any helpful answer

Hi kryxx
Did you follow the “Re-size file system” step outlined on the raspberry page?

There is two main graphical ways to install software:

  1. Using the Welcome Splash Screen, go to the “software” tab, then head over to the graphics section and Gimp will be there. (If you’ve deactivated the Splash screen you can manually fire it up in System -> Welcome)
  2. If the Program you want is not in the software boutique, go to the “More Apps” Section of the software tab in the software boutique, and install “Ubuntu Software Center”. This will add a new program in System -> Administration -> Ubuntu Software Center where you can search for programs by name

Since you’re a new Linux user, I’ll rapidly mention an other (non-graphical) way to do this:

  • Open a terminal using the keyboard combo CTRL + ALT + T
  • type in: sudo apt-get update to update your list of packages (Don’t be surprised, as you type in your password star (*) characters will not be echoed back to you, just ignore it and type your password then press Enter.
  • type in: sudo apt-get install gimp to install gimp

Merci de me répondre ouroumov
So I followed what you wrote. Especialy for resizing.
When I wrote the first sentance: sudo fdisk … It asked me the admin psw. I understand, but the fact is that at this step, I can’t wrote any more in the cmd !!! I already have that sort of problem earlier:I could write the login but not the psw. Could you still help me please ?

Ok. I just understood that taping password stay blind. But next step stayed unsolved. I asked some help on irc this morning , without solutions. I followed the tutoriel (you gave) to extend my pi_boot (67mb FAT) partition. With n, p. 2,enter and so on. And I activated well the second partition wich is 16go.but the first one is still 67mb and still full. How can I juin the 2partition in one of 16. My daughter will have usb flash to save her files so there s no pb. Merci de ton aide

here is the detailed problem. could you help me to fix it ? i followed the instruction detailed where you wrote me: and i have a pb at the end of the 1st step

Hey, sorry for the late answer.
I don’t have a rpi to try but it seems to me that what you see there is normal. On the link I gave it says that a reboot is necessary after that command, before using resize2fs, which seems to track with what it says on your screenshot right after the red line.