New lts not working with windows shares

I have been using ubuntu mate on a laptop and pc for about 16 months and in that time i have always been able to connect to my windows 8 pc shares on both computers.
Yesterday i updated the laptop to the new lts version and it will not open windows shares. It will browse the workgroup and open the drives on other linux based items on the network but the windows share just asks for a password which has not been set on windows.
The pc was still working on the windows shares so i updated the pc and now have the same fault on both.
If i boot with a linux lite live distro it is working fine.
How can i get this working again been going round in circles for the last 24 hours.

Hi John,

my first question is, have you done a full system update?:

Have you tried any repair functions in Welcome > Software > Fixes?:

Many things changed with samba 4.3.8 For non-password windows shares, see the Samba Security team is working on it.

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Yes I have done a full update then checked and removed unused pkgs it does seem that a lot of people are having this problem.
I have managed to work round this by just mounting the shares as needed from the terminal but it would be nice to see quick fix for this.
Thanks for the quick reply s.

Yes, samba is getting hit pretty hard.