Newly installed UbuntuMate on usb flash pendrive fails to load on 2 laptops


It can only boot from a desktop tower running phenom ii x4 3.4ghz.
It can not boot from 2 different laptops with i7core 2nd generation QM and 3rd generation QM cpu models.

the cpu isn't probably the fault maybe is the motherboard or graphics card. Anyway check photos it drops me to a root shell. I'm thinking is not UUID issue or can't find root device thing cause it doesn't drop me to initramfs prompt. and apparently all programs can be run from the root prompt I'm in.


Are you using UEFI or Legacy? My experiences with Ubuntu and UEFI have not gone well.


I tried both UEFI enabled/disabled and legacy usb is enabled else it won't show in the list to boot from it.


Looks like an AMD version or an intel version problem


I honestly don't know but it may be some configuration with the graphics card, something that is resolved with editing some config file but I may be way off on this. it works on the phenom ii cpu, the others are intel. I'll try it soon on a newer laptop my sister has.

Can someone guide me through a process to begin diagnosing this? my goal is to make it boot on all 64bit amd and intel cpus not that I have to reconfigure it for a different pc neceseraly.

i was investigating further I think my partition style on the usb3 pen drive is mbr which may cause problems with laptops with uefi support? even tho I disabled uefi on both laptops so CSM enabled. What's going on Ubuntu mate no work on mbr pcs and devices?