Next point release date?

It seems the latest kernel release has knocked my laptops keyboard and touchpad on its head. I found an updated OEM version that would work, but don’t want to be out of step with the Ubuntu Mate LTS releases.
Is there any mention of the next point release after 20.04.1?

Ubuntu MATE 20.10 will be released on october 22 and the beta should be available in a week or so I guess. You'll be able to upgrade to the beta from 20.04.1 if you want to and benefit from the 5.8 kernel.

In the meantime, you can install the latest kernel releases using utilities such as Ubuntu Mainline if you like CLI stuff or Mainline if you prefer a GUI. These kernels are unsigned though, so you have to disable secure boot in your laptop's firmware if you want to use them.

You can boot as well on a former kernel that works for you. Just use the shift key to access the GRUB bootloader screen on boot (when the screen is grey before loading the OS) then go to Advanced options for Ubuntu and select whatever kernel you want.
You can use grub-customizer to easily force whatever kernel you want to load everytime you boot too.

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It's been a while since I've used any Linux and I'm fuzzy on point upgrades. I have no interest in testing it and so what's after that?

  1. The point update will show up in Software Update?
  2. I need to manually sudo upgrade?
  3. Neither?

And the point update doesn't risk my set up, right? It's more like a MS Tuesday Patch of sorts?


  1. Depends on your Software and updates settings (updates tab).
  2. You can upgrade to a point release if you want to using sudo do-release-upgrade.

Upgrading is not absolutely risk free. Generally, things go perfectly fine. However, it can go wrong. If your use case requires absolute stability and you don't want to spend some time reinstalling your system - should something go wrong - it is recommended to remain on the LTS releases. That's what they're for.
Point releases like these are more like the old Windows service packs. They're paving the way for the next LTS releases, deploying new features.

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thanks for the information.

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If you've been updating all along, a point release is nothing more than updating the file that says what version of UM you're running. You do not need to do anything special at all. You do not need to do 'release-upgrade' (nor should you) - that is for actual version changes, say, if you wanted to upgrade to the new LTS release, 22.04, next Spring.

All 'point release' means is that they've made a new installation ISO that includes all updates to date, so that after a fresh install you don't have to do all the updates since the last release. It is no different from any other update, and is nothing like a Windows CU or SP. It is not a new version.

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thanks my issue has been fixed.