NitroShare now showing up in panel

Today, I installed NitroShare on my system. Unfortunately, the NitroShare logo does not show up on the panel. I need to be able to see it to drop files on it to transfer. I now it is there because when I installed NitroShare on another computer, a notification balloon popped up on to tell me a new NitroShare device was on the network. An ideas? I posted this here because it might be a problem with MATE. Thanks.

Hi JB,

right click the panel > Add to panel > Double click on > Application launcher > Internet > Nitroshare and add to the panel!:

Or: Applications menu > Internet > Nitroshare > Right click > Add to panel.

Did you log out or restart?. :smiley:

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I'm the primary developer behind NitroShare - maybe I can help figure out what's happening here. The new version of NitroShare uses either a system tray icon or an application indicator depending on the current desktop environment. Currently, NitroShare is designed to use an AppIndicator only under Unity and Gnome 3 and fall back to a system tray icon on other desktop environments.

Here's what I'm wondering... MATE uses a modified version of Gnome 2, so NitroShare may think it's running under Gnome 3, even though it isn't really, and use an AppIndicator. I have no idea how MATE is designed to handle AppIndicators, so that may explain why the icon doesn't appear.

Perhaps someone more familiar with AppIndicator support on MATE can comment on what's supported here.

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Any ideas on how to fix this, @Wimpy?

You can try installing “Docky” (or Plank) and have a dock on the right of your desktop, you can set it to auto-hide and just drag the Nitroshare icon (or any others you want) into the dock!. :smiley:

I don’t know if this will work at all, its just a suggestion!. :smiley:

@JohnBlood what Ubuntu MATE version are you running?

15.04 Beta 1

@NathanOsman above is the developer of NitroShare and has a couple questions about MATE.