No printscreen when right clicking a file

None of these work when I right click a file.

They work otherwise.

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What do you mean by “right click a file”? The link you gave is for taking screenshots and screen-casts…

I suspect what he means is that when a context menu is open due to a right click the printscreen hotkeys no longer work. Nor do the volume controls, and presumably any other global feature.

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You are exactly right.

Right click when file manager is open, in my case it’s thunar.

It is absolutely normal.

In such case I use delayed screenshot as follows:

mate-screenshot -d 3

above -d is for

-d, --delay=seconds Take screenshot after specified delay [in seconds]

and 3 is 3 seconds delay. You can use this delay for doing right click.

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It is absolutely normal. Could you elaborate on that? Using delayed screenshot is a workaround that I would like to avoid because it requires more interactions and time.

Here is your identical answer on Ask Ubuntu.


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Hi the initial post was in reference to takining a screenshot of a flyout such as right click and say menu items which then have focus and cannot take a shot with printscreen. You can edit the keyboard shortcut, adding the command in your link and it will work. Only difference is you will not have instanteneous screen capture. In image shows three different capture programs. On top is my screenshot program which launches on Prt/Scr. I use this way as various items I want to capture need more time and I can just change it there. Next on left is mate-screenshot and on right is gnome-screenshot which is not installed in normal installation. Difference is in the gnome version you can select a rectangular area which option is not available / is not a choice in mate version. Saves capturing whole screen. Control Center / Keyboard Shortcuts if you choose to enter a variant.

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