No start button onscreen after 22.04.1 upgrade

Over the last week, I upgraded all our household computers from 20.04.x to 22.04.1. Everything has gone well until this morning, when I upgraded my personal workstation. Now I have no… what's it called? The button used for choosing to reboot, shutdown, launch programs, etc. (On my "Redmond" layout, that's usually in the lower lefthand corner of my screen.)

What will restore this button?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Curbuntu,

try installing back mate-menu. It was removed from the default installation.

@ironfoot , thanks for the reply.

How does one install mate-menu? And why would this one machine (out of five updated) be the only one to lose it during the 20.04.x-to-22.04.1 process?

Managed to get mate-menu installed, but nothing changed. Went into MateTweak and found that no menu system had been chosen. (Or, to put it another way, the system didn't remember that "Redmond" — or anything else — had previously been chosen.) After I re-chose "Redmond," everything went back to normal.


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Mate-menu was used in Redmond layout only. Your other systems could have used other layouts.