No WiFi - How do I replicate these steps in Ubuntu MATE terminal?

Hi! I am new to Ubuntu MATE but I have no WiFI option. These instructions fixed my issue in Cinnamon Mint. How do I replicate them in Ubuntu MATE? Thanks!

Realtek RTL8821CE chipset

a. Ensure that you have temporary internet access by other means.

b. Launch a terminal window.

mokutil --sb-state

Press Enter. If it reports that Secure Boot is enabled: reboot and disable Secure Boot in the BIOS.

sudo apt-get install git dkms build-essential

git clone

cd rtl8821ce

sudo ./

e. Reboot your computer.

AFAIK, mokutil is not installed in UM by default. As to the remaining commands, they should work in UM unaltered.


Welcome! The good news is that Ubuntu MATE and Cinnamon Mint are very familiar with terminal commands as they both based on Ubuntu.

Instead of running a command, check the BIOS setup whether Secure Boot is enabled or not. If you've disabled it previously when using Cinnamon Mint, it should still be disabled.