Not getting emails for password reset and email address change


I am not receiving the password reset or email address change emails. I tried last night and again now in case it just took a while. I’ve checked my spam folders and so on. Any ideas?


Something’s wrong with the e-mail system at the moment. It has stopped working since July 19, 2016, 7:47pm (GMT +1). All e-mails since then have failed to send. :thumbsdown:

It goes beyond my control as I have no control over hosting. :frowning:

I’ve informed @Wimpy, who’s in Germany at the moment.


OK, thanks for checking and letting me know. Luckily, I’m in no rush.


Apparently, there was a DNS issue that has now been fixed. However, I’ve been told that this month’s e-mail limit has been reached. :frowning:


I’ll give it a try Monday (1 Aug) :wink:


Good news! I have been informed the email plan has been upgraded and emails are now working again!

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