Notify-osd appearance and behaviour

In a previous post I asked about a strange appearance of notify-osd, then I fixed it.
But now I have a new question.
I have about 20 machines installed from scratch (actually all of them have been cloned from the first one), on every machine I installed notify-osd and it works, but is weird that on some machines the notification bubble has black background, white text and if I send various notification I can see only one of them; on other machines the notification bubble has white background, black text and if I send various notification I can see all of them.
I have installed notify-osd and no other packages, I've made no changes in dconf.

How can I change these behaviour in order to have all the same on all machines? (black background, white text and to see all the notification at the same time)

You would adjust those in mate-notification-properties. You don't need to have notify-osd installed if it's the same desktop; notifications that intended for use with the mate-notification-daemon should appear the same.

If you want more control over notifications, I have a guide detailing installation of Leolik's modified notify-osd and the notifyosdconf application originally authored by Amandeep Grewal, hosted by Webupd8. If you want that, have at it.

The only problem with my current work in 19.10 (and probably less) is that matching desktop colour doesn't work. Have to figure that out some time.

Editing in hindsight if you've changed the desktop background so it cycles through multiplee, see if it's the desktop background being different which influences how notifications appear.

My understanding is that Notify OSD on its own doesn't have customisable options, so the problem could be due to graphic drivers - are all these computers identical? What graphics cards / drivers are they using?

For tweaking the appearance, there is a patched version as explained in @tiox's topic:

Thank you Tiox I can fix it now, it works fine on 18.04, may be it could be a good idea to add at the properties the time (how many seconds) to show the bubble: actually is the only features misses.

Thank you La7 for your answer, in my case none of the pcs have graphic card, all of them use the VGA feature integrated n the CPU.