Octave 5.2 package is missing a dependency

The Octave 5.2 package in 20.04 seems to be missing a dependency that prevents the documentation from being viewed.

I tried a few other things found by Googleing the error message that didn't work.

Installing package qt5-assistant seemed to fix it.

I believe it's better to inform the Octave package maintainers for Ubuntu, on their mailing list, since this issue is independent from the Ubuntu derivative.

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They seem to know about it but not specifically for 20.04, they seem to consider it a problem with the "granularity" of debian packages :frowning:

The idea is to ask on the mailing list for one of the Octave package maintainers to include qt5-assistant to the dependencies of the .deb package for 20.04, like Mike Miller from the Octave Ubuntu PPA or Juan Pi from the Octave Team on Launchpad.

I believe that this is better, since it seems to not make much sense to provide qt5-assistant by default on Ubuntu Mate 20.04 for the user base in general.