Odd RAM event to report

Last night, when I went to bed, my PC was running a bit sluggish, but I though nothing of it. I left it switched on. This morning, when checking my emails before setting off to work, it was extremely sluggish. I went into system manager and found it to be consuming 7.1 GB of 8GB available RAM. I looked on the process tab but could find nothing using up the RAM to that extent. I rebooted and its fine again, consuming the typical 1.1 GB of RAM in total with all background apps running. I should say, I had left the machine running for two or three days and had a VPN running in the background last night, though there were no the extra apps running like bit torrent clients etc.

Anyway, not really a problem because it fixed itself on reboot. But, I would be interested in any one else’s thoughts on why it did that.

My guess would be a memory leak or something that used a lot of RAM at kernel level.

For instance, RAM disks (mounted as tmpfs) with data written to them will use RAM but this isn’t tied to a process. There’s a few of them like /proc, /run and /dev/shm but these are generally small. The MATE System Monitor can list them under the File Systems tab if “Show all filesystems” are checked in the preferences.

I’m guessing you listed all users’ processes in case it was a root process (like Xorg) hogging up resources.