Off Topic: new laptop from Entroware

In case somebody is thinking about buying a new hardware and isn't sure about Entroware's quality, let me tell you that it's perfect.
After 9 years using a former Win 8 ASUS laptop, it was time to look for something new and I decided to try it with Entroware hoping that the monitor profile is good enough for editing my pictures.
3 days after the payment had arrived, I got an e-mail that the laptop will be delivered next morning, and I got my one on the 5th day from the day of purchase.
When I started it the first time, I was asked to enter my user name and the installation was finalised.
What a relieve, the monitor profile is marvellous. The keyboard beats the one from MacBook Pro in miles. I can definitely write novels on my new Ubuntu Mate laptop, compare to the MacBook Pro where even typing just a password turns into a nightmare.

I just wanted to answer the most important questions I think that we should have with a new purchase if we can't try before we buy it.

If somebody wants to have a comparison, the bottom laptop is a 2016 ASUS gaming machine which was converted to a UM laptop, but I was only able to use it for VirtualBox tests as the monitor quality is visibly a pain in the eye.