Oh Snap! This always happens! Frustrated!

You know the moment. You are satisfied and comfortable enough with a distro that you want to put it on all of your computers but you can’t find a damn thumb drive or CD/dvd anywhere in the house!


Pop into computer store and get one cheaply. Lucky i have alot of thumb drive lying around. I wont bother putting livedisk in dvd. lol…goodluck.

I had just gone through that so I have devised a way for it to never happen to me. I keep a blank DVD-RW in my desktop at all times now because after a month of looking all around for my pack of 25 I had just bought I just broke down and bought some more.

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I need two drives. I have a couple of netbooks and they are 32bit

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Known feeling. :wink:
And when you find one, you realize that this bloody Startup Disk Creator is broken again (maybe only on my laptop for this time) but this application was also known to be buggy in the past.

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