Ok so I tried but I'm giving up on

Ha made you look.
Seriously though, I was going to do some clean up on the laptop(repartition and enlarge the windows partition for the upgrade or run 7 in a VM until I get the upgrade) to try to get ready for my “free” upgrade to Windows 10. I honestly tried, I really, really tried to force myself to use 7. But no matter what I always rebooted into ubuntuMate. Why? Because it works better for me. Windows always takes sooooo loooong to just boot up and be ready to do anything I need. The tools are clunky and old looking. It’s just annoying.
And the whole VM thing just drives me nuts. I only run 4GB of ram so that would just make 7 in a VM even slower.
So I am waving a big goodbye wave to Windows and looking at a fresh install of ubuntuMate. Hoping that @Wimpy will have those alternative iso’s soon. That is what I would like to install the most.

Has anybody heard any news about the Studio version of ubuntuMate? I heard someone was working on one but nobody seems to know who it is. Ultimately that is what I will have on both of my machines. But if I can get my hands on one of the alternative iso’s I could make my own.

Just to note that I tried Windows 10 (build 10130) similarly and gave up similarly.

Behind the flash and bang (new Start Menu etc.) it is remarkable how much remains the same - certain dialog boxes and windows haven’t changed in 15 or 20 years! I suspect this is because doing so would break too much in the corporate world.

And, although Microsoft has made huge improvements over 8.1, there are still the fundamental “philosophical issues” which will never go away with its current approach: most notably that there are still two applications for some functions - the Setup has the basics in a Modern UI application and the more complex stuff, plus duplication of much of the basics, in the Control Panel.


An Ubuntu Studio Version? Man that would be cool!. As it is, I have lashed together my own version of UM Studio. But, it would be great to get hold of an Official version.

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Yes it would be awesome to have.
I heard @Wimpy mention on a podcast that someone was working on one and there is a post here on the forum asking what should be included in it. I wanna make it happen so if anybody knows who I want to help. I cant code but I can bang on audio stuff looking for bugs!


I have to agree, an Ubuntu-MATE Studio Version would be neat! But if @Wimpy isn’t working on it, I hope it’s not @Bluto! :wink:

I’ve looked everywhere, but can’t find anything on the development of UM Studio. So, I have decided to take the bull by the horns and build an installation disc myself. I’ve gutted the original Ubuntu Studio of Xubuntu desktop, installed UM desktop and built the preliminary install disc and it is working, but is rough round the edges. I am having to do some major surgery on the menu structure and install a few bits and bobs. Should be up and running in the next few days.

Bearing in mind this is the FIRST TIME I have ever tried to build a custom Ubuntu distro, Notwithstanding, I would be grateful if anyone could find the time to give it a spin and see where the bugs are. I am certain there will be loads… :joy:

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I’m down for it! Keep in mind I drive truck for a living so I only get to play on the weekends and sparsely through the week.
I’ll pm you my email for any communication.

Okay Ubuntu Customization Kit is useless. So, I am using Squashfs-tools directly. I’m getting somewhere now.