Option to open folders with audacious

Hello, with the new update 16.04.2 I no longer have the option with the right mouse button to open the music folders with audacious.

In 16.04.2 I do not see the option to open a folder with and app, but a file can still be set to open with…

This could be a bug, there is no bug report at launchpad. Needs further investigation.

This thread (dated) may help understand


Thanks for answering, I have two versions of audacious: audacious and audacious qt interface, with the first and from the same program if I can open folders, with the second no.
I have proven with clementine I can also open folders but just as audacious only from the same program.
I am wondering if there is any way to configure the menu that appears with the right mouse button when a folder is added so that it appears again “open with …”