Packages for Photos...?

I don’t know about others here, But I am not a big fan of Shotwell. It messes up my photo collection on a regular basis by trying to organize it.

I was wondering if @Wimpy and everyone else would be open to using gThumb and gnome ImageViewer (this is set up mint uses). I myself prefer to organize my own photo folders and these apps are much snappier ad far as viewing.

Of course this is all my opinion…and I wanted to see what y’all thought.

In Ubuntu Mate, I use the included “Eye of Mate” image viewer as it more than covers my needs!. :smiley:

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I don’t really use Shotwell neither, my photos are stored in their own folders too, but Shotwell stays useful as it can crop and enhance images, otherwise it’s Eye of MATE (eom) all the way.

But Shotwell is there if I want the program to organise things for me, I think it serves as a useful tool for newcomers too. :slight_smile:

Keeping it is fine, but removing it causes the removal of the ubuntu-mate-desktop meta package… does that cause any issues?


Hi @parzzix,

removing the package “ubuntu-mate-desktop” will not hurt your install!. :smiley:

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