Panel is really messed up

I am having a lot of problems with my bottom panel.

When I minimize programs, they do not show up in the bottom panel like they should.

I can do Alt Tab and get to them.

I suspect that a recent update borked up some things.

I restored a backup made on May 1st.

Things are working like they should.

When I want to do an update, the only option I get is to do a partial upgrade.

But that option gives me no ability to pick what I want to upgrade which is
unacceptable because on of those upgrades borks my panel up.

Hi fixit7,

running is a partial upgrade isn't that bad a thing!, just make sure you run update again after a system restart!.

What version of UM are you running?.

Open Welcome > Software > Fixes in case you have some broken files?. :grinning:

See also:

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I saw that Unsupported updates(bionic backports) was checked.

When I unchecked it and did an update, it only wanted to update Seamonkey instead of a large update.

Are you running 18.04?. I am sure you are aware that 20.04 is available!. :thinking:

Yes, I am using 18.04.

I tried 20.04 but it was not quite ready for me.

I will try it again in July.

Is your problem solved now?. :grinning:

Yes, I marked it as solved.

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