Panel/taskbar between monitors

So the short of it is the gif link is what I'm trying to do. Want the open app to stay on the monitor that its open or moved to. I'm on windows 10 trying to move over to linux and out of all the different distro's I have tried I like ubuntu mate the best. Just a new to it and cant figure out how to customize it the way I like. But as it stands the default where it puts them all on the primary monitor is too cluttered. What I have linked below it what I'm used to doing from windows and trying to do the same here.

This is me dragging a window between two desktops and it removes the icon from one taskbar and puts it on the other as I move it over.

Tried mate tweaks and such and I have looked into all the options just cant seem to find the one I need to make this work. Or any guide on editing files to make it work.