Panels crash everytime I safely remove a device from Caja

Hey, I found this strange issue on Ubuntu Mate 18.04. When I safely remove a device in Caja panels seems to crash and restart. This doesn't happen when I remove the device from desktop icon.

I was also able to reproduce the same issue on my laptop and i think it's a bug.

Hello ipmanik

I experience the same behaviour. Looks like it's a bug.

You could have a go at filing a bug-report (see the link at the top of this forum web-page). :slightly_smiling_face:

That sounds like a bug, but do you have any applets that show mounted drives?

Have you reported to launchpad?

No i don't have any applets that show mounted drives. I haven't reported this to launchpad yet.

I've been hitting the same bug since updating my HTPC to 18.04.
16.04 didn't suffer from this bug, though that's probably still a manageable window to bisect if the problem is actually in caja itself rather than GTK3 for once! :stuck_out_tongue: