Persistent problem

Hello everybody,
I am new to ubuntu mate. Of all the Ubuntu distros and linux distros I have tried it is Ubuntu mate I have liked the most. But I am troubled by a persistent problem. Whichever linux distro I have tried after some everything goes haywire. Sometimes I could not log in otherwise I will face nagging problems like mysterious disappearance of icons, non responding icons like brave for instance and dpkg refuses to work when I try to reinstall some of the non working apps. When I installed the Ubuntu mate with net connection enabled I happened to read a line which says unsolicited response which was absent when I installed with net disabled. When I tried to install tor browser it refused to install saying you are being attacked or some verified signature is missing. There was not once when I have not gone without any problems with any distro which was the reason why I tried almost all of the Ubuntu flavors and some other distro like Mint. I want to stay with Ubuntu Mate since I liked it the most and for five days there was not any problem. Today I could not login at first. So I did fsck and was able to login but the cursor works but nothing else works. So I did recovery once again and did dpkg and grub upgrade and finally able to login. So I would like to know what the problem is. I have earlier installed Windows but I hate it my guts and do not want to go back again. I am using an AMD A4-9125 RADEON R3, 4 COMPUTE CORES 2C+2G × 2 Lenovo computer with 4gb ram. I am at my wits end please help me to know at least what the problem is

Hi :slight_smile:
Are you running on a SSD or a old (maybe domaged) HDD ?
After fresh install chances for this to happen are low OS side, except if your disk got tired and is buggy. It's only a theory :slight_smile:

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I agree that you are probably looking at a hardware problem. Difficulties such as you describe are not common on any distribution. People run Ubuntu on critical servers for years without a problem.

SSD and HDD problems are certainly a possibility. I would also be thinking about faulty RAM. It can happen, and it is often sporadic and unnoticed. Every disk write, every disk read, every (nearly) CPU operation passes through RAM.

Another possibility that causes sporadic random problems is a faulty power supply. I replaced one with random crashes happening. Power supply seemed perfectly good--but after it was replaced, every single problem went away.

And you could have motherboard problems. Or disk controller.

Regardless, when multiple pieces of software are having random failures for you and no one else, you need to consider what is specific to you--which is your hardware. Thirty years ago, a PC either worked or was dead. That is most emphatically not the case now.

Identifying the problem can be difficult. Sometimes you just have to swap parts until the problems no longer happen. Sometimes it is simply better to start over, perhaps with an off-lease machine.


old hdd i tb. now i cannot even run the terminal. it shows all wild characters and this error before the command line
bash: /etc/bash_completion.d/dkms: line 1: syntax error near unexpected token `('
What to do?

thanks for the reply. but my problem is that most distro works perfectly for days and then everything goes haywire. i am being hacked. how to know that?

Being hacked is the least likely possibility--unless you are straight on the internet without a firewall.....

Do you have a faulty keyboard?

Have you been editing /etc files manually?

If files are changing on the disk, I'm still going with HDD fault, memory fault, power supply fault, or mobo fault.

You have to pick one of the above and start troubleshooting:

for HDD: fsck and the drive's SMART data
for memory: memtest86 to start with, though it may not reveal everything.
for mobo: the best I can think is one of the many stress testers.

Again, working perfectly for days, then having problems is NOT normal for ANY distro. Linux is used to run most of the internet. There may be problems with GUI stuff, but the command line is rock stable, and has been for decades. Files changing on disk is not normal--and the file your error references sounds like it has been altered. Being hacked would be extremely unlikely--you would have to be root to change that file--and being root, who would hack to create a non-working system? What would be the point?

I really think you have a hardware problem.

thank you very much. will look into it.

I know you're discussing a big picture and these are just some examples. But I recently had these exact problems with Zorin 15.3 Core.

I had pinned a ton of Google 'Apps' to the panel with Chromium and earlier today they were not only gone but I was unable to put them back. Broken.

I also experienced something in two different installs of Zorin. Suddenly clicking anything in the 'dock' didn't result in anything happening. Anything like a folder or an icon on the desktop required a right click to open because a normal click was dead.

In all honesty, though, my recent experience with Mate was solid. I left it trying to get more interface niceties... but instability ain't worth it from prettier design.

Oh, and this might sound silly, but I was shocked to learn that Mate and Zorin do not turn on Firewalls by default. Or at least STRONGLY encourage you to turn them at first boot.