Php-7 and ncurses

I have a couple of funky utilities, partitionBackup and bootSetup. These are working and i use them often on debian-jessie. However, with ubuntu-mate, the only version of php that i’m seeing (via synaptic) is php-7 and the version of PECL that is in the repo is the php-5 version. Thus i can’t go much farther toward offering my funky stuff to those desparate enough to check it out. Maybe that’s a good thing, maybe not, i dunno.

Can anyone suggest the best method of getting a working php/ combination? I’m willing to build from source if the source comes with either a makefile that works or a cbp file so i can generate a makefile, but the tar of 1.0.2 (i think, i just erased it as useless) was way beond me in terms of how to build it into something that works with php. I can’t offer to fix the php-5 version so it runs with php-7 either, since the source code is all funky zend macros and making a career out of learning that stuff does not appeal.

Frankly my installation and configuration skills are terrible, i couldn’t write a makefile off-the-cuff if i had to, and delving into that when code::blocks is available seems a huge waste of time. Any suggestions appreciated, tia.

I was able to get ncurses up and running on PHP 7.2 on my Ubuntu system. If, after the several years now from your original post, you are still interested, let me know and I can post details.