Pi4 64 bits Ubuntu Mate : screen tearing


i just installed UB mate on my pi4 4GB, and no matter what I try v-sync is disabled. I installed compton and tried every v-sync option, no luck... RaspiOS + compton works pretty well, I was just hoping this new OS would have done better...

I found that installing the Ubuntu mate desktop through Ubuntu server will cause screen tearing. I have not experienced it using the direct image from Ubuntu Mate downloads. Try doing an update/upgrade. Also I enabled developer updates in the update wizard.

OK, thanks, I will give it an other chance. Which version do you have installed ? 32 or 64 bits ?

I tested with Marco adaptative compositor and no more tearing in video playback on Youtube but it's not as smooth as RaspiOS with Compton. I will wait for the true kms driver.