Plank, Synapse, Tilda leftovers in ~/.config

I’ve purged all of plank, synapse and tilda from my system, yet on every reboot they seem to recreate configuration files in ~/.config … I can’t seem to find how they’re doing that so I can stop it from happening. Any ideas? Thanks.

Ubuntu MATE 16.04

EDIT: I should also add that there’s no way to permanently remove them from the menu, you can hide them but the shortcut itself comes back even if you delete it.

Hi @sunshinecorp,

if you removed the packages using Synaptic, when you right clicked the packages; did you click on “Mark For Complete Removal” ?. :smiley:

Or did you use the purge terminal command?. :confused:

Isn’t it exactly the same thing? Marking for complete removal from synaptic runs an apt purge command. Anyway, removed from synaptic, marked for complete removal. Makes it easier to identify any dependency problems. Then manually deleted the shortcut remnants from the menu, then manually deleted ~/.config remnants. The last two keep coming back on every reboot and that’s the problem here. The applications themselved are supposedly purged from the system, yet they somehow recreate their configurations and shortcuts.


try running the following terminal command (Ctrl + Alt + t) and see if that helps?:

sudo apt-get autoremove

I regularly run autoremove and autoclean, there’s nothing there to remove. I’m kind of a neat freak. :smiley: That’s why this is driving me nuts. By all accounts, it shouldn’t be happening. There’s some automated process that I can’t locate that just recreates those files.

i can confirm that the same thing is happening to me, with both tilda and plank

16.04 too

Hi guys,

did you delete those files as “root”?, if you didn’t, paste the following command in the window after pressing Alt + F2:

gksudo caja

I just removed/purge tilda and did a file search using Mate Search Tool. I found tilda files that were leftover.

Could this be the problem?


This is what I’m saying. Even if you then go to manually delete those files (and the ones for plank and the ones for synapse) they will resurrect themselves on the next reboot.

EDIT: Actually, in /usr/lib/ubuntu-mate there are two scripts that may be doing this. :slight_smile: You may be right!

Right, so deleting (or commenting out):

if [ ! -d "${HOME}/.config/plank/dock1" ]; then
    overlay_file config/plank/dock1/launchers/clock.dockitem
    overlay_file config/plank/dock1/launchers/desktop.dockitem
    overlay_file config/plank/dock1/launchers/firefox.dockitem
    overlay_file config/plank/dock1/launchers/matecc.dockitem

as well as

overlay_file config/synapse/config.json

from /usr/lib/ubuntu-mate/ should do the trick for plank and synapse.

and deleting /usr/lib/ubuntu-mate/ should do the trick for tilda.

tilda remnants should then be removed from /user/share/mate/applications and /usr/share/mate/autostart and it should be solved.

Thanks, v3xx! :smiley:

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It makes no difference. The files have user permissions, not root permissions (the ones in ~/.config).

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