Please help ...visual impairment issues

Here is what brings me to make this thread:
Just lately 1 of my eyes just sort of went on strike, which meant that with binocular vision what it created was a black zone until I could get an eye patch.

Adding to that - my remaing eye has become a bit obscured & unfocused.
(Yes, I am in the age group for whom cataracts are common - but fortunately (?) this problem is not cataracts.)

This is all sudden & quite shocking for me given that I'd had no eye troubles before.

Many unhappy changes have been forced upon me by this...bumping into things unseen - no driving - typing went from poor to ACK - and reading easily anymore ??

So now there are several goals which I must fulfill in order to weather the duration of this 'unsightly' situation with my U/M 18.04.5 PC...:

  • Decent sounding TTS;
  • Speech to text
    (And those 2 above being 100% minus any google stuff);
  • An easy to install screen magnifier which can simply be summoned to morph the mouse arrow into a loupe.

I did find an app called 'Virtual Magnifying Glass' that promised this - but it is ancient & no longer works, at least it didn't on my PC.

What I've been using for now is KMagnifier:

It does work - but only in its own separate window, which tends to be quite dizzying for me - so I'm hoping an option may exist which is more suitable for me within my current situation...

Thanks for any helpful replies to my quests here.

Ubuntu MATE has most of what you are looking for built in. You just have to enable it. Here is a link to the online guide that describes the accessibility options available to you and how to enable them. Let us know if any of these really help you.


Reading & typing are still quite strugglesome for me, so please pardon any goofy typos that I may miss & fail to correct here...

An absolutely stunning & fascinating reply - thanks so very much.

To start with - my very bad - sorry:
in my efforts to get my thread made as quickly as possible with as little typing as possible I did totally omit that I had immediately attempted to make use of the built in accessibility tools.

Those tools make me seriously wonder if anyone suffering from any actual visual impairments has ever gotten any good use from those - vs. them just being included as a needed feature for the apps list.

The suggestion made in the reply is amusing because it's recommending for someone can barely read right now to go and visit a webpage of fine print, rather than just mentioning the apps themselves - therefore I will provide that clarity openly here, right now.

The TTS app is Orca, which is so disagreeable and annoying than it got removed by me as quickly as possible.

The magnifier app is Magnus - which is so badly made as to be worse than useless.

The last thing that page points to is Onboard, which I have neither any need nor any use for.

In the OP that I made here, the several goals which I aim to fulfill were clearly described, and I'll try to make those even clearer now=>

1- Decent sounding TTS.
This must be very easy to control (quite unlike Orca) - and would be a true luxury if it could have a feature of being able to highlight some text, then right clicking on it to use a context menu entry which might be like "read this".

2- Speech to text - thankfully now solved for me.
I was able to get an older version of Dragon naturally speaking which is able to work via WINE and that is what I'm using right now.

3 - An easy to install screen magnifier which can simply be summoned to morph the mouse arrow into a loupe.

What I've been using for this 'tll now is KMagnifier - it does work - but only in its own separate window, which creates a need to jump back and forth from window to window almost line by line which is really not very helpful when trying to read an entire article or page of text.

Thanks for any truly helpful replies to my quests as they have been re-explained here.

If any kind person here has any pointers aimed towards the goals I'm aimimg for as expressed, please share ??

Thanks Again.

Would the standard desktop zoomfunction be more useful ?
ctrl-mousewheel (zoom)
or keyboard: 'ctrl+' (zoom in), 'ctrl-' (zoom out)