Pluma 1.16.0 in 16.10 vs. 16.04/PPA

Nothing urgent, just curious. :slight_smile:

This Bug is fixed in Yakkety but not in the same 16.04/PPA version of Pluma.

Actually, the bug sort of went away in 16.10 but not clear how. Another referenced bug was offered as fixing it. Maybe, maybe not.

I'm wondering if a GTK3+ conversion may have been involved. I think the PPA version is GTK2+ but how to tell? I'm sure it's in a make file somewhere but is there an easier way?

I'll bet those close to it can tell by the look of the About screens below. Is that a fairly reliable indicator how it's compiled?

All Comments Welcomed

From 16.10 Yakkety (bug fixed)

From 16.04 Xenial w/PPA (bug not fixed)