Pluma using incorrect font for context menu in 19.04

Like it says. I think that's one of the "Ubuntu" fonts but that's just a guess: what I do know is, it's not the font that it's been told to use and that everything else on the system (caja etc) correctly does for all of their context / popup menus.

The bug isn't present in 16.04, so it's probably from 18.04 and the move to GTK3, but I can't bisect it further than that. The reason I'm posting here rather than just going straight to launchpad is in case someone has a workaround for it that can be used in the interim. (Bed now, launchpad tomorrow).


This was definitely fixed for 19.10.

Try the latest themes, either by:

Then "reload" the theme to see the new changes - either by logging out or switching between them in :appearance: Appearance.


Thanks. I'm fairly sure that's not monospaced text though: it looks like a proportional font to me. (My eyesight's not great though, so I could be wrong).

The gtk-widgets css file for the theme also already contains this:

/* work around a bug with GtkSourceView using a monospaced font for these (pluma etc) /
see Ubuntu MATE 19.04 Beta is out! */
.context-menu {
font-weight: normal;
font-family: regular;

which I'm guessing is the bugfix you're talking about.

So the problem seems to be that pluma / GTK is translating "font-family: regular" as "font-family: some random font rather than the menu font". neh?

I just doubled check on a clean 19.04 - the context menu is no longer fixed width (monospace)

Before & After

Before After

It is a theme bug. GTK themes follow the rules of CSS - so since the theme didn't properly specify which font weight/variant to use, GTK inherited the parent style (the font used for GtkSourceView / text area).

Take this serif font, for example:

Before with a serif font

Thanks, that's interesting to know.

I don't see how I can turn that into a solution for the core problem though, which remains that pluma is not using the menu font for the menu.
To be clear: this is not about the menu being monospace, it's about it using the wrong font entirely, proportional or not. There is a font specified for menus. pluma (via GtkSourceView) is not using it for that context menu, and it should be.

Since the menu font is system-wide and not part of the pluma theme, no amount of changing the css will fix it unless there's a solution along the lines of "font-family: use-the-menu-font" - what I'm looking for (though not expecting to actually find) is what that syntax is.

Hopefully that's clearer?