Poor Battery Life Help

I just bought a dell inspiron 13 2-1 7200 and I have tried several distros but have had issues. Ubuntu installs and runs fine but I prefer mate to unity. However, under unity I get 7-8 hours battery life, mate only gets me two. I have tlp installed and running to no avail. Any ideas on why this would be?

hmmm, interesting. So I presume you have a 7th generation Intel processor. I would highly recommend a distro running the latest Kernel. I have a 6th generation laptop and Ubuntu 16.04 is less than ideal. Don’t even waste your time with any 16.04 based distro (Kernel 4.4)

Ubuntu Mate’s powermanager is IMHO not great and causes issues for me no end. My display brightness fires at maximum and the keyboard light comes on at maximum on every reboot. As a result I can’t use Mate just like you

I have a feeling Mate is not ready yet for new hardware. I strongly recommend sticking to 16.10 with Unity or Fedora 25 Cinnamon