Power Management battery indicator missing (Sort Of)

My first experience with Mate was with Mate 14.10. I noticed in the indicator panel applet it showed two items, one was the Laptop battery percentage when moused over, and another battery entry (which turned out to be the battery in my wireless trackball). This was pretty neat, as I could tell when the battery in the trackball was getting really low & would change it.

I updated my MATE 14.10 to Ubuntu-MATE 15.04 when it became available and noticed that now when I check the indicator, just the laptop battery is shown, the trackball battery is missing. Was this option taken out of the Power Management program? Everything looks like it’s there, I even checked and installed indicator-power in synaptic but nothing, just the Laptop battery is shown.

Please tell me there’s an menu option somewhere to restore the missing battery entry in the indicator applet. :worried:

Thanks for reading this. :wink: