Print with no margin on odd pages

I am using a Canon printer shared through a TP-Link printer server.
is OK BUT the odd page are printed at top of the page with no margin,
however even pages are correctly printed (margin is OK at the top and
I had been searching for the file that could be responsible for such parameter. But I did not find any.
Does anyone know where I should look to adjust this margin ?

Configuration :
Ubuntu-Mate 16.10
Canon MG5750
Print server : TP-Link modèle TL-PS110U

Hi @yann49,

did you install any Canon drivers and if so, where did you get them from?.

See this link and use Canon Asia, the drivers work afaik!:

Hi, Thank you for helping.
I installed my Canon MG5750 from the Debian-Mate printer installer as the printer is in the list.
I went to the Canon Asia page you mentioned but my printer, MG5750, is not in the list.
I found Canon MG5770 … it could be that 5750 is the reference for European market.
So I will try to install this MG5770 driver to see if it fixes the problem.
I’ll be back to share the result.

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Hi @yann49,

I couldn’t find any Linux drivers for your model either but I did find drivers in the following list which might work?: zubaken&cf=model_sm%3APIXMA+MG5770&modelName=PIXMA+MG5770&…&qid=3BurCv4IW6mq8mdM-pcarNugVEtFCiFs&d=DOWNLOADS%09Linux

Merry Christmas. :smiley:

Hi ,
I found a solution : when I first switch to print preview than ask for print, my pages are printed OK.

As the driver of my printer comes from the Ubuntu installation software I keep it like it is and hope that this bug will be fixed.
I can live with this Print Preview solution.

Thank you for your help Wolfman.
I wish you a Happy New Year and wish you all the best in 2017.

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And a Happy New Year to you too. I will mark this as solved as you have a fix!. :smiley: